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Paramount Financial Technologies is an analytics and data company powering Superior Banking Solutions. We introduce new ways of solving critical problems and help integrate these processes as an ongoing part of our client’s operations. We are backed by quality community bank investors.

We integrate consumer and business market intelligence with our customer’s internal data to help guide decisions related to how best to grow core deposits, increase commercial and small business relationships, reduce costs, grow digital banking, and improve branch network performance in what has become an extremely uncertain economic climate.

Let’s get the conversation started on how we can help you develop action plans that grow your deposits, loans, and profits.

Our commitment is to help business leaders make faster, better decisions, and our tools help banks grow profitable consumer and business relationships.
Our team works with you every step of the way to define and implement a unique solution to your challenges.

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“Northeast Bank has been committed to serving our community since 1872. We engaged PFT to help create a superior banking experience for our customers that also supported deposit growth goals in our retail and business banking lines. Their banking and market analytics team helped develop and manage an implementation plan while working seamlessly with our leadership team. The results have been outstanding.  

Robert BanaskiSVP, Director of Community Banking

“For over 155 years, the Merrimack has remained resilient and steadfast during periods of economic prosperity, as well as through turbulent times in United States history when it comes to serving our customers and community. We asked PFT to collaborate with our team during the pandemic to develop a multi-year Southern New Hampshire plan by assessing consumer and small business needs. They identified those needs and the key drivers of performance and market factors to prioritize growth. The Merrimack team and our board were impressed with PFT’s findings and recommendations. We look forward to continuing our trusted relationship..”

Mary Lynne RahlsonSVP & Retail Banking Officer

“For almost 150 years now, Savings Bank of Walpole has been this area’s true locally headquartered, community-minded bank. We feel a real connection to—and a responsibility for—our communities’ families, and businesses. They are continually dealing with the many challenges brought about by the pandemic and life’s events. We want our bank to be agile, resilient, and supportive. We selected PFT to help our team develop a multi-year Southwestern New Hampshire plan to identify the greatest consumer and business banking needs. Working together, we developed a solid plan and have translated our goals into concrete actions..”

Mark BodinPresident

“For 125 years, Horicon Bank has built a foundation of beneficial relationships with our Wisconsin personal and business customers. The pandemic accelerated the importance to our customers of digital channels and digital transformations on many fronts. We value PFT’s experienced bankers and resources to help us develop tactics to grow consumer and small business relationships. Working together as a team, we are introducing new ways of meeting critical customer needs through our delivery channels and operations.

Fred F. SchwertfegerPresident

“Reading Cooperative Bank is a mutual co-operative founded in 1886 making its first acquisition in its 135 year history. We relied on PFT’s market data, analytics, and experienced professionals to help determine the risks and opportunities of merging with this 2 branch bank opportunity in a new market. We look forward to working with PFT in this new market to help consumers and businesses realize their plans and dreams.

Julieann ThurlowPresident & CEO

“As a community bank, Eastern’s success is directly linked to the strength of the communities we serve. Through PFT’s Branch Opportunity Grid, analytics, and experienced bankers, we are better able to advance this goal and value their team’s contributions. We are transforming our branches into more customer-centric environments and delivering on our promise to offer our customers simple, fast, and convenient services. Thank you PFT!

Barbara HeinemannExecutive Vice President, Consumer Banking

“Brookline Bank’s legacy and success stems from making smart investments and informed decisions. As we focus on growing core deposits and improving the performance of our branch network, we’ve seen great value in PFT’s data and analytics. Their integration of our bank metrics with market data to highlight specific branches that have the greatest growth potential has helped ensure we maximize our return for investment of capital and resources.

Leslie Joannides-Burgos 
SVP, Division Executive, Retail & Business Banking

“Our executive team is partnering with PFT for our New Hampshire expansion. Their commercial and consumer market intelligence, and on-the-ground insights, are invaluable.”

Timothy L. FelterChief Financial Officer


“They integrated strategy and analytics in a manner that was pragmatic and actionable.”

Joe RileyEVP, Business & Retail Banking

“After 180 years in Norfolk County, we decided to open our first branch in Boston to support our personal and business customers. PFT’s team helped us every step of the way to develop a plan, find a site, and open a modern 21st century branch in fast-growing South Boston. It was an energizing experience that led to our warm acceptance and successful entry into the Boston market.”

Mark IngallsEVP & Chief Financial Officer / Chief Operating Officer

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