Our solutions promote growth and long-term profitability for our clients.


 We offer three complementary business lines: Retail / Commercial Banking Solutions, Analytics, Data, and Licensing, and Branch Site Analysis.


Our experts integrate real time market intelligence with client-specific data, overlay our proprietary AI-based decision models, and provide our clients with identification of growth opportunities and improved decision-making.

Solutions with data at its heart.

Retail & Commercial Banking Solutions

Our solutions merge market demographics with bank customer data at the community and neighborhood level, creating a baseline ranking of each community’s and neighborhood consumer and business deposit attractiveness.

Growing Core Deposits

We integrate your customer deposit data with market potential to find new opportunities, prioritize community and neighborhood investments, identify superior trade-areas and sites for relocation, downsizing, and de novo branches, and launch effective consumer and small business growth initiatives with our comprehensive market-analysis.

Products include:

  • Market Growth Assessments
  • Measuring Retail & Business Opportunities
  • Benchmarking Bank Deposit Potential
  • Deposit Growth Strategies
  • CRA Location Analytics
  • Facilities Portfolio Analysis
  • De Novo and Relo Site Opportunities
  • ProfitSite for Branching Decisions

Improving Branch Network Performance

We work with your management team to prioritize investments, accelerate growth, and increase profits. Your branch performance metrics are compared to market opportunities and we work to improve near-term results, while re-focusing strategic initiatives.

Products include:

  • Branch Opportunity Grids
  • Deposit Growth Strategies
  • Facilities Portfolio Analysis
  • ProfitSite for Branching Decisions
  • Strategic Growth Implementation
  • Customer Campaign Templates
  • Relo and De Novo Branches
  • M&A Opportunity Assessments
  • M&A Implementation

Branch Opportunity Grid

Our Branch Opportunity Grid highlights the branches that have the greatest opportunities for deposit and loan growth, relative to performance and market opportunity, for strategic retail delivery plans and branch-specific initiatives.

Branch level performance metrics are correlated to relevant market data, statistically combined and ranked against each other to determine where to plot the branches on the grid.

Managing Performance to Plan

We deliver quarterly branch performance dashboard for clients that highlight branch trends and compares them to market intelligence and competitor performance. Our team supports the planning and management of small business and middle market direct marketing and calling programs.

Our clients have full access to our staff and information platform for ad hoc management, board and regulatory queries.


Products include:

  • Campaign Launch Resources
  • Quarterly Performance Dashboard
  • Continuous Market Intelligence 
  • Ad Hoc Reports
  • Company Action Alerts
  • Branch Action Alerts

Analytics, Data, & Licensing

Business Banking Analytics

Automates the calculation and report generation of a detailed assessment of commercial sectors and prospects (summarized by NAICS code) within a bank’s lending area, identifying and prioritizing those business sectors and communities with the greatest opportunity for core deposits and business relationship loan growth.


A computer-generated assessment of an existing, or potential branch site a bank is evaluating. Includes market growth forecasts based on projected deposit and loan demand. The five-year pro forma provides a site’s ROI.


The market for PFT’s proprietary data sets and analytics solutions are banks, asset managers, mutual funds, PE and hedge funds, sold through a specialized PFT sales team.

PFT’s Proprietary National Business Financial Database

Enhances the usefulness of industry databases, such as S&P Global, by calculating an industry-specific, company-specific pro forma balance sheet and P&L.

Additional data identified from prospects and internal PFT research will be continually added as ongoing enhancements.


Increasing Business Relationships

Our loan portfolio analysis determines your bank’s market penetration and identifies industries with the greatest loan and deposit potential. Using targeted research, we ID the best prospects, help with relationship management, and support ongoing campaigns.


Products include:

  • Commercial Portfolio Analysis
  • Market Growth Assessments
  • Lending Opportunity Grids
  • Relationship Growth Strategies
  • CRA Location Analytics
  • Industry Sector Research
  • Campaign Templates
  • Best Sectors Identified
  • Best Companies Targeted

Branch Site Analysis

PFT’s commercial real estate brokerage partners provide nationwide coverage. These ‘boots-on-the-ground’ partners are a unique service differentiator, leveraging PFT’s analytics.


Strategic Market Assessment

Typically the second phase of an RMA recommendation. It provides a comprehensive analysis, including competitor facility profiles, market comps, proposed development and infrastructure improvements, a quantitative evaluation of retail hubs with recommendations of those sites that will ‘out-position’ and ‘out-convenience’ the competition.

Branch Asset Management

An inventory database of bank-leased and owned properties, with relevant property data and critical lease-notification dates, helping banks better manage their facilities portfolios, make prudent decisions, and take appropriate actions for increasing profitability.

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