Our solutions promote growth and long-term profitability for our clients.


 PFT focuses on complementary business lines for banks and credit unions: Consumer and Business Banking solutions and Branch Real Estate Analytics & Advisory solutions.


Our experts integrate consumer and business market intelligence with client-specific data, overlay our proprietary and open source data and software analytic tools, and work closely with our client’s staff to interpret the results of our analyses and to assist with the design and development of programs intended to optimize our customer’s success.

Guiding and informing your data-driven decisions.

Consumer and Business Banking

Our tools merge market demographics with client-specific data at the community and neighborhood level, creating a baseline ranking of each community’s and neighborhood consumer and business deposit attractiveness.

Grow consumer deposits.

We integrate your customer deposit data with market potential to find new opportunities, prioritize community and neighborhood investments, identify superior trade-areas and sites for relocation, downsizing, and de novo branches, and launch effective consumer and small business growth initiatives with our comprehensive market-analysis.

Grow business deposits and identify attractive lending opportunities.

Our loan portfolio analysis determines your bank’s market penetration and identifies industries with the greatest deposit and loan potential. Using targeted research, we identify the best prospects, help with relationship management, and launch effective small business growth initiatives with our comprehensive market-analysis.

Grow digital banking.

The pandemic has created the need for a greater emphasis on digital banking. Our advisors, supported by our analytic tools will help you understand volume shifts from high cost branch-based monetary transactions to self-service channels and how to re-allocate branch staff and resources more effectively.


Evaluate and improve branch profitability.

Your branch performance metrics are correlated to relevant market data and are statistically combined and ranked against each other to determine the branches with the greatest opportunities for deposit and loan growth. We work with you to improve near-term results, while re-focusing strategic initiatives.


Integrate newly acquired banks.

Understanding the deposit and loan demand and opportunity in newly acquired markets is critical to developing and prioritizing your integration plans. We will work with you to define and identify your target prospects in these new markets. We will also help you understand how the branches are performing against the growth opportunities in their markets.


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